To keep growing your Facebook group you need to make people aware it exists in lots of ways. 

The best case scenario is when the people you’re making aware of the group’s existence are in line with the kind of niche and people you’re wanting to attract.

So with that in mind, here are 5 ways to promote your Facebook group to your ideal audience ordered from the LEAST to the MOST amount of effort.


1.  Email Signature

You and your team are presumably already talking to prospective and current customers, so putting a link to your group in the email signature or as a P.S. in the email signature is an easy way to get regular visibility on the fact that you have a Facebook group, it’s awesome, and they should definitely join.

2.  Thank You Pages

Whenever someone makes a small purchase or downloads an optin, you have the opportunity to put something straight in front of their eye balls. People are starting to catch on that this is an awesome place to advertise your group!

You could just have some brief text and a link to the group, or you could record a video about how the group will help them with their next step in relation to what they’ve just purchased or downloaded.

You could also tease that there is some piece of content in the group that would help them right now (such as a video or download located in the group Guides) … but only if they join the group, of course!

3.  Cross-reference Channels

Just because your group lives on Facebook doesn’t mean you’re only allowed to talk about it on Facebook! 

Do you have a Youtube channel? Add it into your video descriptions.

A podcast? Add it into the description.

A email list? Add an email about your group into your automations.

A podcast? Add it into the description.

And it goes both ways – you can also add your other channels as links into your Facebook group description too.

4.  Mentions

Big brands often pay big bucks to get their products in movies, where they will then be viewed by millions of eyeballs. Take for example the special relationship between the James Bond franchise and the Ford Motor company to get Ford cars into the James Bond movies (even though he traditionally drives an Aston Martin …).

You can do this on a smaller, totally free and more natural scale by mentioning your group every time you guest speak on someone’s podcast or other media. 

Of course, it needs to make sense in the context of what you’re talking about or goes down about as well as James Bond handing out Heinekens (that actually happened). So, thinking about a moment that happened in your group such as an insight someone had or an event you ran that works with the topic to drop in. Alternatively (or as well as), you can arrange in advance for your group to be mentioned in the intro or outro.

Do make sure you only promote your group on someone else’s podcast when there’s a match up between their audience and your niche so you attract the right people.

5.  Facebook Ads

I know, I know, Facebook ads cost money. But anyone responding to a Facebook ad is … you know … on Facebook, where your group also lives which is pretty helpful!

There’s a few different ways to set these up, but here are the two most common I’ve seen.

The basic one is an ad with some text and a photo or a video, with a button on the ad that takes you to the Facebook group. It’s easy, it all happens within the Facebook ecosystem and the barrier to completing joining is low.

A slightly more complex version is an ad that takes you to a squeeze page on a website. The squeeze page does some extra qualification and then says “if that sounds like you, enter your details and we’ll email you the link to join.” And while the link is indeed emailed, it’s also shows up immediately on the thank you page after entering your details.

The goal in the more complex version is to attract only the most qualified leads into the group so there will be fewer who join but the ones who do have a higher degree of fitting with your ideal customer traits.



There you have it … 5 mostly low effort ways to keep building awareness about your Facebook group!